May the miracle of Christmas
fill your heart with joy and peace

As the season of Advent draws us into the joyful celebration of Christmas – the Incarnation of our God – our thoughts dwell on this Mystery of our gracious God coming among us in the birth of a Baby. To lift up our hearts, to set us and all of humanity on a path of sacred reverence.

The Incarnation has forever changed the way
we look at every ordinary experience of life and creation itself, and discover there the beauty, the Spirit of Wonder and the presence of God in and with God’s people.

The Holy Spirit Sisters wish you and your loved ones the peace and joy of Christmas. May your festive celebrations be a tangible sign of the love that fills the universe and transforms our lives.

The Christmas edition of the Whispers of the Spirit is available online (please click here to read).

Because of the revelation that happened at the first Christmas, we are sacraments of each other, carriers of divinity, radiant with God’s incarnate being.

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“As we prepare to celebrate the Mystery of the Incarnation this Christmas, this simple but beautiful [Angelus] prayer would foster within us, with the help of Mary, a real openness to the Grace of this Great Feast.”

~Frank Gerry SVD~ 



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May The Holy Triune God Live In Our Hearts
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